Ashley Breann is a young lady who is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. I first met her last fall while doing her senior session. She and her mom met me at my home for hair and makeup. I was so blown away at how just a little attention to highlight her best features made her beauty come alive. She looked so grown and gorgeous. We spent many hours together after, changing into several outfits and shooting at two separate locations. It was effortless to capture her beauty. She was so photogenic and seemed to just be a natural at it all! After about 3 hours of shooting we wrapped up and I left feeling so happy about what I had accomplished that day.  Her shots were some of my most favorite to date.

We did a spring follow up session last week, which gave us the opportunity to get a totally different look and feel. She wore a beautiful spring dress, her makeup had a softer feel to it and many inches were cut off of her hair. It had only been a few months since I last saw her but I felt like I was shooting a whole new Ashley.  She finished up her senior yr. in the fall and was now working and awaiting graduation. In that short time so much had changed for her and she seemed much more grown.

As expected our session was wonderful! We found a perfect location on the side of the highway.  An inviting patch of soft green grass, filled with bright fuchsia flowers and yellow weeds. …perfectly complementing her new spring look.  It only took about 40 mins and we had gotten all we needed. I love when sessions go so smooth.  If they could all be that way!

Ashley has many interest and talents. Like many young ladies she loves fashion and makeup. Since she was a little girl she has had a dream to one day be a stylist or work in fashion shows. Although her aspirations for her future have shifted some, she still enjoys doing her friends makeup and glamming them up in the latest trendy fashions.

She has big plans for her future. She loves animals (her favorites are dogs, elephants and jaguars) and would love to one day be a veterinarian. Another dream career for her is working in the medical field as a pharmacist.  Although she hasn’t quite decided just yet what her future holds (what 19 yr. old does)  she does know that she wants to make an impact on our society and help those in need. She knows she has time to figure it all out and as of today she is in no rush!

With the summer soon approaching she plans to get a head start by taking a few classes at TCC. Other summer To -do’s include relaxing, catching up on her working out , learning how to cook new yummy meals and spending time with friends before they move away.  She has her whole life ahead of her and her feet planted firmly on the ground.  She is ready to embark upon the journey of life and finding out just what it holds for her…..and I wish her the best of luck!!