We all at a young age start to wonder about life. Purpose!?! Why are we here? Why am I here? The more that I grow, the more that I realize God has placed talents in each of us. I believe these talents are supposed to be used for your purpose on this earth.  To know your gifts, to understand them, to pursue them and apply them in your daily life allows such freedom.  To have the opportunity to use these talents and impact those around you is knowing complete joy.  To be given the chance to make a living at these talents and have a career in them is the ULTIMATE BLESSING!  I have been given the ultimate blessing.

As I spend more time with Christ He is showing me who I am more and more. I’m learning to appreciate who God made me to be, to understand that I have something to offer…. Something not all people possess. I’ve found a love for myself and for my passions.  Today I have very clear direction as to what I want in my photography career and I’m chasing it …FULL FORCE!  With God behind me fueling my creative intuition I feel unstoppable and very focused.

Most creative people have ideas bouncing around in their heads most of the time and I am no exception. What I love so much about photography is the opportunity I have to channel all those thoughts into a clear vision and execute them in the form of pictures. With my model program I now have the chance to push the limits and step outside the box. While my program offers more traditional sessions like Senior sessions and Family sessions, what I’m most excited about are my Model sessions.

These Model sessions are all about my vision. Not the traditional AT ALL, but instead so fun and different. It’s giving my seniors the chance to be someone different for the day. To capture a different time in history or a whole new persona.

My latest arcade model session with the beautiful Rebecca Leigh was all I hoped it would be. The lights, the mood, the bright colors! It’s all so fierce and edgy!  What I love most about it is it pushed Rebecca out of her normal comfort zone.   This is something she would have never chosen to do on her own.  This is what Rebecca had to say about her experience.

“When I first applied for the model program I was super concerned that I wouldn’t have the right “look”. I’ve always been self-conscious about the way I looked in pictures. The arcade shoot was something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself and it pushed my personality to the limits. When I saw how awesome the pictures looked, I couldn’t believe how great I looked. I cannot stop sharing them and looking at them!”

The way her model session made her feel is EXACTLY what I want to accomplish. Renee Ross Photography wants more than to just offer pictures…anyone can take pictures. What I want is to offer an unforgettable experience. I want to walk away from each encounter with my clients having made them feel better about themselves.  I want to leave a positive impression that changes their self-esteem!  This is my call, my ministry, my passion, my purpose…I’m so blessed to know it, pursue it and live it.  Let’s book a shoot and give you an opportunity to experience Renee Ross first hand!