Magyn Puga has the type of personality that draws you in. She is a person who you want to know and be around. Her outward beauty is just as captivating so It was a no brainer that she would be a perfect subject to capture.

The weather that day was perfect. Somewhere in the 70’s and just the right amount of sun. When you mix in the beautiful atmosphere of the Fort Worth Nature Preserve it made for a very relaxing and fun experience. The session was one filled with ease. Magyn has a confident presence in front of the camera and very little posing direction needed to be given to her. We snapped away for a couple hours and actually lost track of the time. This was something we did not want to do because we had to be out of there at 5 before they closed the gates. We were told that we would be trapped in if we didn’t make it out in time…stuck there for the night. We laughed at the thought of what we would do in the middle of the woods camping in our cars with no food.  We were enjoying ourselves so much and wanting to take advantage of every second that we pushed it too far. Around 4:55 we peeled out of the parking lot in a rush and headed down the long windy road praying we would not be trapped in with the gates closed…lol!  Luckily we made it out but not without leaving some of Magyn’s things behind in the bustle. Her Tory Burch flip flops and Kendra Scott necklace were left in a pile of dust and grass to keep them safe through the night. I crossed my fingers and headed back in morning and there they were …just where we left them. She was relieved and so was I. Perfect ending to a perfect session.

It was a fun adventure and the shots we captured are just amazing.  Its always such a pleasure to work with someone like Magyn…it certainly make my job super easy!  I’m so glad she allowed me the opportunity to work with her and I’m certainly looking forward to getting the chance to do it again…SOON!