I first met Miguel through FB when he sent me a friend request. I noticed he often posted silly memes and I instantly liked him. I soon realized we went to the same church and one Sunday when I spotted him I approached him and officially introduced myself. As I learned he was a high school senior I became interested in working with him and he felt the same…..so we booked a session.




The day of the session was so fun. I was a beautiful afternoon with perfect breezy temperatures and a good mix of sun and overcast. We met in downtown Fort Worth at Sundance Square and were very eager to get started. There was a perfect crowd (not too many, not too little) that gave us a feeling of life all around us. We walked around for hours exploring locations and changing outfits, capturing amazing shots that define who Miguel is today in his life.


As the day progressed I learned a lot about him. He is a young man of many talents and interest. He is very musically inclined and loves to play the drums, guitar and piano. I haven’t heard him play much guitar or piano but he slays the drums. I know this because he plays every Sunday for our worship team at our church, Heritage of Faith Christian Center. He also leads worship on Wednesday night for the youth. Another interest of his is writing stories. He is currently working on a novel. Some of his school activities include being President of Student Council and STEM Government, he is a member of National Honor Society and Yearbook Club, plays on the soccer team AND holds a 4.0 GPA. This guy seems to be Superman…even though his favorite super hero is Spiderman!


When he is not conquering the world he likes to relax and watch movies with friends and even dabbles in light landscape photography. Impressive right?!?! With all he does what I find most impressive is his passion to walk close with Jesus. I’ve only known him a short while but its evident he loves the Lord and enjoys spending time in the word. His heavily marked up bible would prove me right! I think I have found me a new friend in Miguel. He is a really interesting young man with so much to offer the world and pushing for it full force. Looking forward to watching all he does and accomplishes for the Kingdom!